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Reach more and better candidates with a professional career portal, job advertisements and multiposting.
Simply better recruiting.

Make your recruiting fit for the future.

Find, retain and attract talent with HCM4all e-recruitment software.

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    Qualified requirement profiles

    The foundation for successful staffing.

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    Job advertisements & career portal

    Simply created in corporate design.

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    Smart Multiposting & CV Parsing

    Tailored job channels and structured data sets.

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    Transparent Workflow

    Everything in view without media disruption.

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    Exploring new recruiting paths

    Inspire and retain talents from day one.

Knowing what's wanted.

Who is being searched for and what skills are needed?

The first step in the search for your ideal candidate confronts you with a fundamental question: Who is being sought and what skills are needed? Many HR professionals are not aware of this or simply do not have the information from the department. So they search with vague job descriptions and requirement profiles to which everyone somehow and at the same time nobody really fits.

The recruitment software HCM4Recruiting lets you design your job advertisements in a clearly defined way. All requirement profiles are based on competencies, which are divided into "must haves" and "nice to haves". They are jointly defined and created in transparent exchange between departments and across locations. This ensures that the really suitable candidates apply.

Im Bewerbermanagement HCM4all definieren Sie Anforderungen und Kompetenzen

Define requirements and competencies.


Convert requirements into job advertisements.

Define, design and place job ads.

Reach your goal quickly with job ads. Also mobile optimized in your company CI.


Professionally created without IT knowledge

Job advertisement editor with your CI

Extensive, customizable templates

Smart Multiposting on over 500 job boards

Integration of Social Media buttons

Attractive conditions up to full service support

Professional career portal as the starting point.

Clarity and convenience in the job search are the "be-all" and "end-all" for applicants.

Responsive Design. Modern HCM4all career portal.
Das Karriereportal im Bewerbermanagement HCM4all.

Reach more applicants and increase employer branding.

Career portal in corporate design

One-click application via XING, LinkedIn & Facebook

Social media sharing on all popular portals

Video integration

Self-service for candidates

API integration on your homepage

See for yourself.

Test our Applicant Management system today for free!

Reach more applicants with multiposting.

Via multiposting we offer you access to all relevant job boards. We will be happy to advise you.

Im Bewerbermanagement HCM4all wählen Sie beim Multiposting aus über 500 Jobbörsen aus.
Benefit from employee referral programs.

Use your network to recruit new employees.

Invite your community and your employees to actively share vacancies and proactively recruit talents. The status of the recommendation can be transparently tracked via the Applicant Management interface, and bonus programs can be established.

Digital recommendation management

More motivation through incentives

Reduced hiring costs

Strengthen Employer Branding

Attractive external appearance. Internal transparency.

The entire recruiting process is mapped with HCM4all: within the personnel department, special departments, management and applicants.

A modern and candidate friendly external appearance is your business card in the highly competitive HR software market. But internally, too, the processes must be right and the Applicant Management interface must be easy to use, so that you have more time and peace of mind for other equally important tasks.

Im Bewerbermanagement HCM4all haben Sie den Workflow stets im Blick.

The workflow always in view.

Im Bewerbermanagement HCM4all definieren Sie Benutzerberechtigungen ganz individuell

Define roles and permissions.

Exchange ideas with colleagues about application processes and all information at a glance. Simple, fast and transparent for all users.

Work in a structured way and set priorities. System-based.

Boost your Recruiting

100% Usability

100% Workflow