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All workflows, data and processes with one solution in view. Clearly structured, secure and EU-GDPR compliant.

Simplify your HCM.

Have all employee data at a glance with the digital personnel file

Smart personnel management means: exchanging information, uploading documents, updating data and setting appointments in a simple way. You can find all the relevant information in one place: contact data, salary data, salary development, contract data, scanned documents, e-mails, phone calls and comments, employee meetings, training and further education, skills (SmartSkilling) and of course information on maternity leave, parental leave, sick days, vacation data, time recording, cost centers and much more.

Enable access to personnel management for supervisors and employees with individual permissions. This enables them to view and update their own data in Employee and Management Self-Service. Of course, this is also possible across all locations. Role and user authorizations enable you to determine access to sensitive data according to the structure and policy of your company.

In der digitalen Personalakte finden Sie alle Stammdaten und Dokumente ihrer Mitarbeiter auf einen Blick. Ganzheitliches Personalmanagement auf einen Blick.

All employee master data at a glance

Easy and fast access to all data

High data security and EU-GDPR compliant


Map your corporate structure

Customize your own categories and fields

Assign user and access rights

Organizational management on an individual basis.

Map your company and also your corporate group, your entire structure with departments, teams and positions across locations, countries and companies. All in one tool and clearly arranged for everyone.

Once the structure of your company or business unit is defined, personnel requirements and succession planning can be easily implemented. Employee appraisals and access to sensitive documents can be created and viewed depending on ORG management and authorization. And all this within a few click and drag & drop.


Preboarding and Onboarding.

With HCM4all you can inspire and accompany your new employees on their "Employee Journey" from the moment they sign the contract.

A structured onboarding process guarantees you and your new employee an optimal induction and orientation in your company. Through the lived "welcome culture" you underline the importance of the individual. Through the structured induction process you ensure that all information is shared and that the critical first phase is professionally mastered.

For HR managers, professional onboarding means having all tasks in view at all times and organizing them efficiently.


Vacation and absence.

Manage holidays, sick leaves and other absences simply and clearly. Employees input their needs of absences themselves. User authorizations and approvals for superiors ensure a transparent overview.

Assign user and access rights
Organizational management and position planning
Staff appraisals and goal agreements
Succession planning
Employee development

See for yourself.

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The introduction of the digital personnel file has many advantages.

Less file storage and paper overload

Time saving and fast access to all data

Consistent data across locations

User and access rights to control access to personal data

Integration with SAP, Sage and ERP Systems

Legally compliant data storage according to the EU-GDPR