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A clear understanding of what is being sought is the basis for efficient personnel work. Knowing, defining and jointly developing competencies.

Knowing what's being searched for. The basis for success.

Fill positions in a timely manner. Clearly defined requirements, tailor-made settings.

This begins with the department notifying about their requirements - clearly defined and skill-based requirements and job advertisements - and extends to the competence assessment of employees, talents and applicants. Training and PE measures can then be initiated in a targeted manner.

The HCM4Skills skills management system provides the HR department with a tool that, for the first time, enables it to make valid statements about actual and target skills on the basis of defined roles and skills profiles. Simple to use HR software.

HCM4Skills recruiting tool already offers more than 100 predefined role profiles. Further skills and requirements - suitable for your industry - can be determined with just a few clicks.

More than 100 predefined role profiles simplify the creation of requirement profiles and enable you to analyze the skills of your employees and pre-select the right applicants.

"Knowing what to look for" saves time in the search for the right candidates.

HCM4Skills supports the exchange between HR and departments and enables a quick release for personnel search.

Especially in times of a shortage of skilled workers, it is important to understand skills management as a central link in competence-based personnel management and a component of HR transformation into the digital HCM strategy.

Im Employee Self Service schaffen die Mitarbeiter durch Selbsteinschätzung (SmartSkilling) die Basis für Ihr Skillmanagement.

Input competences and compare them with requirements.

Evaluate skills easily and conveniently. No matter whether you want to fill positions, manage projects or develop employees.

Beim Definieren der Anforderungen einer Position wählen sie aus über 100 vordefinierten Kompetenzprofilen und 15000 Skills aus. Anforderungen passgenau definieren für effizientes Skillmanagement.

Define, manage and add competencies.

Select, add and adapt skills with our SmartSkilling Tool. Simply with a click.

Vergleichen Sie Selbst- und Fremdeinschätzung der Kompetenzen und Fähigkeiten mit den Anforderungen und Bedarfen. Exzellentes Skillmanagement.

All professional and managerial staff have access to the system

Existing competence catalogue with over 17,000 stored skills and 100 predefined role profiles

Definition of requirement profiles and separation into "must-haves" and "nice-to-haves

System-based coordination with HR

Assignment of the relevant employees and invitation for competence input

Input of the self-assessment via SmartSkilling (mobile device) and validation by the manager

See for yourself.

Test our Skill Management solution for free today!

Do not only react to personnel shortages, but plan for the medium and long term with Skill Management:

Find and develop internal talents and potentials

Strategic personnel planning for assignments, parental leave, sabbaticals, etc.

Effective succession planning

Meeting short-term needs within the framework of projects/staffing