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Search, find and retain talents.
Build talent pools. Actively establish and nurture relationships with talents.

1. Skills

List requirements and competencies without media disruption.

2. Match.

Transparency about all applicants and talents.

3. 100% Talent.

Less effort. Better Candidate Experience.

Building talent pools with Active Recruiting.

Save time and money before posting jobs externally.

Talent Management is your most important recruiting channel and an excellent instrument for personnel development. You never lose sight of potential employees and build up talent pools from which more positions are filled than through any other source. Our Talent Management Software is the right recruiting tool to attract more talents.

In dieser Übersicht haben Sie alle Ihre Talentpools auf einen Blick. Die Basis für gutes Talentmanagement.

Reduce your Time to Hire and Cost per Hire with our e-recruiting software.

Creation of talent pools via:

Employees, talents and former employees

Applicants (second best) who do not yet fit or could not be won right away

Active Sourcing

Recruiting fairs and university marketing

Social Media, blogs and chatbots

Job ads and career site

Sustainability is the key.

Weight the competencies and skills of your talents according to your specifications.

Easily define talent pools based on your current and future needs and business strategy. Assign competencies, attributes and information to talents that will be meaningful in the future.

Define competencies. Describe requirements.

Current and qualified information, skills and competences

Extensive filter and search options

Innovative matching technology to get in touch with the right applicants as quickly as possible

Inform talents about company news and available jobs

Vergleichen Sie Fremd- und Selbsteinschätzung der Talente mit den Anforderungen Ihrer Positionen und betreiben Sie intelligentes Talentmanagement.

Set up a future-proof talent management software.

Search, find and match talents.

Building up targeted talent pools. Ahead of the competition.

Establish targeted relationships with applicants and talents and position your company for the future. Use our intelligent matching function to filter and find your talents. 


Skills, filters and matches.

100% Workflow

Relationship-based talent management

Smart matching

Active use of social networks

Digital referral marketing

More motivation through incentives

See for yourself.

Test HCM4Talents today, free of cost

E-Assessment, competence and performance management with feedback.

Talent development with 360 degree feedback.

With the fully integrated toolkit from our partners, you have a range of functions with which performance and continuous feedback at all levels can be measured among applicants and employees.

Development Assessment
Performance Management
Personality test
Recruitment tests
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Talent Relationship Management: well prepared in the "War for Talents"

Identify talents in your own company

Retain potential employees to the company and awaken career prospects

Promoting talent individually and retaining it over the long term

Set up sustainable personnel development strategies

Motivating employees and turning them into talent scouts

Secure the talents of "Generation Z"

Breaking new ground and using the media of Generation Z. With innovative software, no more missing out on talent.

Please read our study:

Who is actually Generation Z? Where they are and what do they expect from their professional life?

HCM4Skills lässt Sie nachhaltiges Talentmanagement betreiben.